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The New Wave of Universal Connectivity

Connecting your Field Devices Effortlessly and Reliably

Let Your Data Flow Where "YOU" Want it to Go.

Why keep up with so many cables, connectors, and adaptors for your personal or company laptop? Do you get tired of untangling cables? Maybe you’re concerned about an expensive laptop out in the elements, exposure to hazards and compromising safety in the work field. We understand the struggles and complications that field personnel are faced with on a daily basis. This is why we have developed a highly convenient approach toward getting your job done safely and easily.

Connectivity  Modernization with a layer of isolation

Excalibur will simplify the work and create a safer working environment
for all company personnel
connecting to or interacting with field equipment.

Versatility in Application

Use Excalibur for flow
meters, PLCs, chromatographs, and much more.

● Access your local interface port on EFMs and RTUs
● Manage artificial lift/ liquid management applications and systems
● Set up, configure, and
monitor any field equipment that has RS232

Universal Device Adaptation

The Excalibur 2200 series Master Module is uniquely suited to give you instant connectivity to a wide range of serial devices because of its auto adaptive technology. This (patent pending) auto adaptive technology literally programs itself to accommodate any RS232 device. 

Product Service and Engineering support

QuickLinks Technologies Inc. ensures a high degree of customer support and service to its customers.
We have a reliable engineering team working closely with us to ensure the needs of our customers are met in a quick and timely manner. 

Master your Mobility

Introducing the Excalibur model 2200 series wireless communications module. With its fully functional auto adaptive technology, anyone can connect to any serial device with a touch of a button. If you’re ready to ditch the tangled web of cables, then get connected instantly and experience the convenience and freedom of wireless links.

Excalibur 2200 Series Auto Adaptive Serial Communications Module


Sufficient Distance


Low Power Consumption


AES security encryption

2.4 GHz


Transmitting power


Only one in its class

wireless to Legacy Devices:


Are You Ready to Expand your connectivity?

The Quick Links Excalibur 2200 series communications module is designed to meet the needs of every field technician, operator, and management personnel without the hassle of extensive programming or application setup

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